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Are you visiting lisbon?

You just arrived, don't know where to go and what to do?
Just pick up your phone and send your location to imercita concierge. It guides you. The concierge is an AI-enhanced app that learns what you like to recommend more of it as you go.

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How does it work?

City Experiences by imercita, Headquartered in Lisboa, Portugal


Every experience is guided via live text messages on WhatsApp. Choose an experience to get started.

In lisbon

First timer

Free trial

For first-timers in Lisbon
Experience the lively neighborhood of Chiado & Baixa. I share locations, tell you the stories step by step, and take you to street music and Portuguese cafes & shops.
Duration: 3 hours
Start time: Anytime

Be an Alchemist


A transformational walk
This walk is a journey of self-discovery. Go on a quest with multiple locations. Hear guided narratives, you may write a letter, find a gem and meet someone who connects you to your future self.
Duration: 4 hrs start anytime

Tapas walk


Fado & Tapas walk
Eat a tapas + a drink at every spot for only 2 euros. I guide you to +8 different spots with amazing Fado music and delicious food all in one evening to explore fado and taste.
Duration: 4 hours
Start around 7 pm

Travel in time


Old photos & stories pinned to the actual locations they happened in the last 100yrs
Rumor has it that Mary found a portal in Lisbon that enables her to travel back in time to the 1890s. She walks you and tells you all the stories.
Duration: 3 hours
Start time: Any time

the local Chef


For Foodies
A local chef guides you on a sensory experience of deliciousness in Lisbon. He takes you on a journey to try out the food of his favorite local chefs for brunch, lunch, dessert and dinner all in one day.
Start time: Optional
Duration: All day

Romantic date


For Couples
This experience is based on the movie "before sunrise". It is a full-day date experience that takes you to explore Lisbon's multiple romantic spots. Each spot will have a narrative, a game or a gesture that invites you into entertaining conversations for feeling more connected.

Custom made


Order this for your upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party or birthday. This is a bespoke experience that we create per demand for a group. It is typically reserved by the bride's maid of honors or the groom's best man.
Start time & duration:
Depends on you :)

Around lisbon

A day in Cascais


This experience begins with a beautiful brunch by the beach followed by a walk to explore the town and discover hidden gems. You'll have lunch, get to chill at the beach, and see the must-see palaces.
Duration: All-day
Start time: 11 am

A Day in Sintra


This experience begins with food at a local cafe with views of Sintra's mysterious palaces. From here, you can walk or get picked up by a driver to see palaces and eat delicious local food and other hidden gems one by one.
Start time: 10 am

For insiders

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How does it work?

As easy as it gets. The concierge guides you on a journey in your destination through WhatsApp text messages.She is with you throughout the route with tips, voice messages, stories, and suggestions on what to order, who to meet, and what to do. just like a caring local friend would be.In every experience, the concierge suggests 20 must-see locations one by one. When you're hungry, she takes you to a place to eat. When you are in the mood for photos, she guides you to photogenic spots. The concierge creates the experience for you and selects locations based on your interests and preferences.

How the concierge works?


First, the concierge sends you the location of the spot you should see.

Click on the location to find directions to the spot through the map.


After arriving at the location click the button that says "I've arrived" or send a message saying that you have arrived.The concierge may send you a photo or a voice message about the location.


You may receive a voice message or a photo or both from the concierge.She waits for you to listen to the VM and reply back to continue guiding you to the next spot.


The concierge always gives you options to choose from.Whether you are hungry or thirsty, or in the mood to chill or party, or prefer to go shopping or take photos, you get to decide.After your choice, the concierge sends the must-see location. You can repeat step 1 and continue the journey.

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The concierge is not human, it is Artificial intelligence. If you ever have a question for a human, just say "help" or call for a human.If the concierge stops talking, it is probably because it is waiting for your response. So just say something.Anytime you want the concierge to stop the journey, just send a message that says "Bye" or "Stop"For any other questions write to us at