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Follow the white rabbit

An immersive theatrical journey with actors and performances.

Meet new friends. Discover 5 hidden gems. Forget time with serendipitous performances of wonder land.
Available only one day per month as a ticketed event.
Reservable as a private event with flexible date availability for a group of minimum of 35 guests.

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A day of serendipity following your every step.
An upcoming experience in Lisbon

For corporations

We offer customized versions of our available immersive experiences for corporate events.

About us

Imercita designs immersive city tales. We create adventures that take place across Lisbon. You are at the center of the story. Part city tour, part game, you’ll see the streets become your playground. The app takes you on a journey across Lisbon focused on your interests. it is by turns a tourist experience, a treasure hunt, and more so a descent into an exciting world. As the experience unfolds, you have no idea which passersby might turn out to be involved. It makes use of the city’s places. At times, the modern-day locations stand in stark contrast to the imagined world of the narrative, which focuses on the experience of a local expert in your field of interest treating you into a feast of Lisbon.

Secret events

Add your name to our invitation list for secret immersive events in Lisbon.

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The serendipity experience may be the day that changes the turn of your life for the better forever. The Serendipity experience takes you through a day of unexpected encounters with good people and discoveries of hidden gems that open your heart with a wide smile. Expect this experience to bring serendipity into your year.

Time/day: optional based on your availability
Duration: Around 3 hours
The experience is EUR 25 per person

This is not an event. It is a covid-safe journey. Expect to meet new friends and get invited into new opportunities in your life. This experience creates a connection between you and multiple other cool local people.

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"Sometimes life drops blessings in your lap without your lifting a finger. Serendipity, they call it.”

-Charlton Heston

our work

At imercita, we produce city-wide immersive journeys. The journey is made of multiple stops and each spot offers a different experience that falls into an overall story of the journey. Our mission in every journey is to create for our guests a sense of meaningful connection: connection with others, connection with the self, and connection to nature.
In this way, we create space for artists and facilitators to bring their art and offerings into an interactive experience with the guests. Moreover, we introduce magical places of our city to empower local businesses and artists.


Ongoing theatrical immersive journey: Alice in wonderland
September 2021 to February 2022
Current team: The producer, Two facilitators, A contemporary dance artist, An actor, A poet, A photographer

Upcoming immersive journey:
January 2022 to August 2022
Open roles: Open for artists and facilitators. contact us to join the team.

Upcoming theatrical immersive event & journey: 007 in Lisbon
May 2022 to September 2022
Open roles: 4 actors, 1 facilitator. Contact us to join the team.

March 2022 to August 2022
Open roles: Open for artists and facilitators. contact us to join the team.


Upcoming theatrical immersive journey: Alice in wonderland
February 2022 to June 2022
Open roles: A local producer, Two facilitators, A contemporary dance artist, An actor. contact us to join the team.


Upcoming theatrical immersive journey: Alice in wonderland
April 2022 to December 2022
Open roles: A local producer, Two facilitators, A contemporary dance artist, An actor. contact us to join the team.

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Are you an artist or a facilitator?
Join our collective to bring your offering and perform at our upcoming experiences.

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We produce the Alice in Wonderland story to empower local businesses and artists.

By bringing your business to wonderland, we bring more than 100 customers per month into your store through immersive experiences.

If you find good things without looking for them, serendipity — unexpected good luck — has brought them to you.
The meaning of the word, good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally, refers to the fairy tale characters who were always making discoveries through chance.

"When you meet the person who becomes your best friend because your train is late that day, this is an example of a serendipitous event."

The Serendipity experience goes live in January 2022.
This is almost similar to a guided tour that takes a guest through an experience. Through this, we bring more than 100 guests per month to our selected local businesses a.k.a serendipity partners.

What does it mean to be a Serendipity partner?
This experience is aimed to create friendship among our guests and your team. This can be through a friendly conversation with someone in your team or receiving a gift or a clue in your space.

What to expect as a Serendipity partner?
Every month, you may receive around 50 to 100 guests that pass through your shop, cafe, gallery, and garden. They will give you a sweet note. They will have a friendly and quick conversation with you. They will browse your products or make purchases.

What are you required to do as a typical serendipity partner?
The guest gives you a fortune cookie note. You greet them and give them another note/letter.
We will give you the notes in advance.

How does the Serendipity project create value for me and my business?
You create magic and a smile for someone else. You and your brand make new friends and fans. The guest walks through your space and browses your products and may make purchases while at your space.

Why are local businesses partnering up with us to co-create serendipity?
We are co-creating Serendipity to respond to the ongoing situation of COVID to ensure our loving people of Lisbon stay connected, make friends, and thrive in the love of our community in a safe context.
Through this experience, not we co-create magic for our guests, but also we bring dreams into reality.

Join us.
Let's spread magic together.

The white rabbit

The white rabbit came to Lisbon multiple times in October & September 2021. Throughout his journeys, he opened doors directly into the wonderland inside Lisbon.
Through these doors, he brought the Mad hatter to Lisbon. And, he brought the Red Queen. They come back to Lisbon often to find Alice. And in this way, all three of them have favorite places in Lisbon that they visit frequently.

This experience is a self-guided journey to find their favorite places.
You can choose and go as you like.
Every location contains part of their stories and surprises you with something unexpected.
Find this experience on the imercita app.

> Expect a story in every location
> Choose locations based on the type of experience you'd like to have
> Pick and go anytime any day of the week
> Become an insider of Lisbon's wonderland-y places

The white rabbit

The white rabbit is always in a hurry.
He only stops for food or an important meeting.
Either way, he always carries a 5 euro bill to quickly eat and drink.
His favorite places sell wonderland-y drinks and magical food that is priced 5 euros.
They are generally hidden items that you should mention white rabbit's passcodes to receive.

The Mad hatter

Mad hatter loves tea and hats.
He comes to Lisbon to look for places that sell colorful clothes, hats, and things that he can use to create new hats.
On his favorite spots, you can expect to find colorful things that feel like a wonderland.
You may find messages of him left with the owners and people at these shops.

The Red Queen

The Red Queen loves hearts and arts.
She looks for places that sell hearts and places that showcase wonderland-y art in Lisbon.
Every time she comes to Lisbon, she goes to a new art studio or gallery looking for an art piece that could make her head look smaller.
Her favorite locations include unique artistic pieces at special pieces that you can buy at the queen's special prices as an insider of wonderland.

A bespoke Cinematic
immersive experience
for corporate teams

> General RSVP includes a small bite, a drink and two performances.
> Dinner RSVP includes dinner, drink & the two performances.
> The final party includes only an entry ticket to the final gathering spot.

Become the story

Imagine an escape room spread across the city.
Every team member steps into the story by interacting with our actors who are in multiple locations. They facilitate scenes of the story as your team members follow the breadcrumbs to finish the story.
Throughout this story, the team members will get assigned to characters in the story. They get assigned to missions that require them to work together to play important roles in successfully accomplishing the story.

This experience is a real unique way to test the collaborative ability and flexibility of team members to work together in a playful way. The team members are required to communicate and make decisions. While the participants have fun trying to figure out how to pass through a small door or where to find the elixir, the playful scenarios enable them to bond and make stronger friendships. Groups of participants can be competing with each other, but it can also be a collaborative game in which the ability of different groups to help each other is tested. However, in either case, they will have to define and implement a strategy, as they do on a day-to-day basis, in the face of the challenges of their role.

This offsite experience is currently available with the theme "Alice in Wonderland". We can customize the theme to any other favorite cinematic story of your choice.
Contact us to inquire about possible bespoke immersive experiences for your team now.

Call us at +351 910 169 099




A Bespoke: Alice in Wonderland

This is a bespoke immersive event produced for large events. This immersive experience begins with a short journey that takes your guests into 3 unique locations. The guests don't know where they are going or what to expect. They only know that they are following the white rabbit to find the rabbit hole to go into Wonderland. Every location contains a performance or a quest that ultimately leads to a speakeasy party that represents wonderland designed for your guests.

The party begins when your guests receive a letter from the white rabbit.

Dear XYZ,
I will be in Lisbon on December 10 for a very important date. You and I must meet.
Meet me at 5pm at Rua da madalena 11.
The white rabbit

We design a carefully curated map of 4 locations and create a route on our app that navigates your guest from one location to another. Your guest doesn't know where they are going. They only expect serendipity and surprises. This journey begins with a meeting with the Cheshire cat who directs them to meet the Mad hatter at his tea party.
The guests follow Mad hatter's advice and end up at the Red Queen's room. After an interactive performance from the Red Queen, they receive the key from her into wonderland. The final party will be in wonderland. This immersive experience is a city-wide immersive tale and inspired by Alice in wonderland. This immersive experience includes acting, dance performances, and live music as well as a final party with DJ set and dance.

We can customize this experience for your event to add your desired performances and decorations for wonderland or other cinematic stories of your choice.

the white rabbit in lisbon

Become Alice in wonderland!

This is a secret event in Lisbon that is exclusively available for 3-hours a week on imercita. This immersive journey takes you through three performances and a quest that leads you to wonderland. You can become Alice in wonderland and follow the rabbit into the rabbit hole.

Rumor has it that the white rabbit from wonderland has an important date on January 20th in Lisbon, which means that he will be roaming around Lisbon before going back to the wonderland.

If you find the white rabbit, you can follow him through the rabbit hole into a secret party in wonderland.
We were sold our in October, November & December.
Expect the magic of wonderland in meeting new friends and discovering hidden gems in Lisbon.

Next available date:
Date: January 20th

The experience begins around 5:30
This journey includes 3 performances that end into the a final party.
Neighborhood: Santos
COVID vaccination or proof of testing is required due to the current regulations.
P.s. Before December 30th tickets are 25 euros (use code "earlyalice")
After December 31st tickets are at normal price of 35 euros

When you follow the white rabbit, he takes you into the mad hatter's tea party. Expect to get welcomed to a tea party. You will meet the mad hatter, who shares secrets with you. You will sit with the actor in this performance.

You even come across the caterpillar, who guides you into the hidden side of the wonderland to meet the red queen. You will find the actor in his local cave in Lisbon.

You will meet the red queen. She will give you the lost piece of the puzzle in wonderland. Expect to have an unexpectedly pleasant conversation with the queen. You will find her in her shadows and create art to make friends with her.

This immersive experience is a city-wide immersive tale and inspired by Alice in wonderland.

The experience begins as a journey that takes you to 4 different locations that are within short walking distance and ends at a party. It is organized in a playful way to make it easy to meet new friends and laugh hard.

What to expect:

This experience can last between 2 to 6 hours depending on your interest in the time you want to spend at the party.

It is a fully guided journey into a story.
The route takes you to multiple different locations in Lisbon.

You will be guided through an App, text messages, and interactions with locals.

You may have interactions with actors and performers that you will accidentally meet in the street. To you, they look like normal locals but they are in fact part of the imercita team and playing a role in the story to guide you into wonderland.

You will need your phone and headphones to listen to voice messages and watch videos sometimes.

A literal manuscript of what your ticket covers:

>>> You arrive in wonderland as one of the characters of the book. This will be a playful part of the experience that connects you with +30 other guests to find Alice.

>>>Your presence at the mad hatter's tea party. This is a performance that enables you to connect and make friends with the other wonderland explorers.

>>> A meeting with the Caterpillar in a secret room in Lisbon. This is an interactive performance with an artistic installation of mirrors.

>>> A meeting with the Cheshire cat that guides you into a small quest.

>>> An artistic interaction with the Red Queen. This performance happens in a candle-lit room and poetry reading. The queen may touch the verses with her movement.

>>> Your wonderland adornment

>>> A gathering of all guests at a final spot to mingle and connect to close the wonderland journey.

Expect to visit 4 locations that are within a short walking distance.
Expect an immersive theatrical experience combined with a quest to meet new friends and interact with the characters of Alice in wonderland.

This experience is produced by

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